Audio Visual works

Performed at the WMHT studies with David Allan Miller's ensemble, The Dogs of Desire. When approached to create a collaborative musical/video piece with the composer Dorothy Chang, I took on the project enthusiastically. As an artist working with both electronic music and video, I appreciated the opportunity to release myself from creating the musical aspect of a video piece and concentrated on entering into a world of translating an auditory experience into a visual medium. For this collaboration, I created a visual composition that functions as an accompaniment to Chang’s composition. The language of the visual piece is built from the elements that I heard in Chang’s composition: longing, searching, questioning and patiently waiting. The video reacts to the music, stands against it, and moves with the music, creating a partnership between the two.

Reconstructing atmospheric sounds

Passing footsteps, casual clinking of the glasses, or deep sighs of emotion are the materials I use to construct an audio-video narrative. The visual imagery of the story often shifts to the background or serves as an accompaniment to the revived atmospheric sounds. Sounds, I believe, stay alive in a space as memories that resonate without the constraints of linear time. Silence also plays a role in these pieces so as to allow the viewer to input their own auditory memories with the image. The delicate relationship between what we see, what we hear and what we remember all come into question in these pieces.

In Between


A place once visited