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The series,   “Survey,” is part of an ongoing series that documents the imprints of the past which are left on standing structures. In this series, the structures I photograph are buildings that contain visible markings such as outlines of previous buildings that were once attached, windows and doors that have been sealed up, or scars from shifting trends in building construction. The photographs are then manipulated to remove the markings. At first, viewers see the structure unmarked and then, through the process of converting the photographs into a video, the markings are slowly revealed over time—like a story unfolding, being told by the buildings themselves. These marks become the echoes of changing neighborhoods and times, left to the imagination of the viewer.

Exteriors- Peering series

The Peering series explores the transient relationship we have with our surroundings. Throughout the stark winter months when the trees have lost their leaves, privacy screens disappear and what is hidden most of the year becomes exposed. Neighbors windows, backyards, forgotten walkways, and make- shift structures are now exposed and characterize the surroundings. As the winter months pass to spring and then summer, slowly we move out of our homes and into our outdoor spaces. The trees bring back the privacy screens leaving us with only the sounds behind the screens and our memories to reconstruct what we can no longer see.