Recent Works-Experiments in code and moving image

Orchestra Building series
Presented sequentially
Year: 2014
Time: 1:10 per piece
The Orchestra Building series is an ongoing project that documents the imprints of the past which are left on standing structures. Presented from a time lapsed point of view, the buildings of the past emerge as ghostly figures onto the standing structures but only to disappear once again and leave us with the memory of what was once there. Each structure’s memory is given a temporary voice as the pieces come together like the instruments in an orchestra.

Videos from the Peering series
Year: 2013 -ongoing
Medium: Video
Title: Peering through
Time: 4:56
Title: Peering over
Time: 4:05
Title: Peering in
Time: 7:43

The Peering series explores the transient relationship we have with our surroundings. Throughout the stark winter months when the trees have lost their leaves, privacy screens disappear and what is hidden most of the year becomes exposed. Neighbors windows, backyards, forgotten walkways, and make- shift structures are now exposed and characterize the surroundings. As the winter months pass to spring and then summer, slowly we move out of our homes and into our outdoor spaces. The trees bring back the privacy screens leaving us with only the sounds behind the screens and our memories to reconstruct what we can no longer see.